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We believe art can change the world.

The Creative Thinker
Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace

Born in the Pacific Northwest, nature forces are forever in his designs. Michael now resides in San Leandro of the San Francisco East Bay. He is President of the Hayward Arts Council and primary motivator for the Tuux team. If you haven't heard about Tuux, it is a mobile app and tool that will help people use ART to change the world.

Leaf Spring Chair Project
Leaf Spring Chair

Leaf Spring Chair Project

To view all of the photos, the various timeframes will open a new window at the Picasa site. 1st and 2nd Time Frames - 3rd Time Frame - 4th Time Frame.

Social Purpose

Disabled Veterans of America

As unbelieveable as it is, we continue to send soldiers off to battle human disagreements. For all purchases of 'Toy Soldiers' we will donate all profits to Disabled Veterans of America. With the purchase of any artwork on this website, we will donate 50% of all profits to an organization of your choice. Please use the contact sheet to learn more.

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We like to receive comments of any nature. Especially if you'd like to purchase and help us donate and spread money to other groups and individuals in need of funding.

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